About us

WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF HIT INDOCHINA COMPANY. H.I.T Indochina has been through many changes to achieve current stages. However, whatever we changes in our name or brand, our core business philosophy keeps everlasting - a legit company working with greatest efforts for utmost traveler’s satisfaction.


From Holiday Indochina time

In 2008
, the company was establish with the initial name as Holiday Indochina limited company. With the board of key persons having at least 9 years in tourism industry, Holiday Indochina shortly became a trusted tour operator to foreign travelers. As most of other tour operator with head quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam, Holiday Indochina started with supplying Vietnam tours and travel services to tourists via website vietnamtour.com.
After 4 years of developing, Holiday Indochina expanded to Cambodia and Laos. Late 2012, at the time Holiday Indochina felt very much confident about Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; Myanmar market was open that made a shake in tourism in Asia. Not being ever stayed out the game, Holiday Indochina immediately entered Myanmar with website: www.myanmartour.com. Holiday Indochina became the very first travel agent offering travel services in Myanmar via Online bookings

Changed to HIT Indochina

Early 2014
marked another milestone in Holiday Indochina, ActiveTravel Asia brand officially joined our company that made Holiday Indochina much more different. Holiday Indochina was not only a brand for classic, leisure travelers but also very active, adventurous lovers.
That led us to the more and more urgent call to change our company brand that more precisely reflects our services and products.
Late 2015, Holiday Indochina officially changed to H.I.T Indochina with new brand loge identity – fresh, active, excited and warm.
H.I.T Indochina has been through many changes to achieve current stages. However, whatever we changes in our name or brand, our core business philosophy keeps everlasting - a legit company working with greatest efforts for utmost traveler’s satisfaction. 
That is a reason why we still keep our website name since our starting date – holidayindochina.com – in order to tribute the hard time in the past and remind us always our core value.

Full name in English: H.I.T INDOCHINA CO., Ltd
Full name in Vietnamese: CONG TY TNHH H.I.T DONG DUONG
International license No: 01-091/2009/TCDL-GPLHQT ((check with Vietnam National Administration of Tourism here)
Tax code:         0102756317 (that’s mean all our quotes liable for 10% taxes)
”HIT Indochina” is the brand name registered at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. 
HIT Indochina owns and manages the following websites and all other websites indicates that under HIT Indochina management.
HIT Vietnam with website www.vietnamtour.com
HIT Myanmar with website. www.myanmartour.com / myanmartours.asia / burmatours.asia
HIT Birmania for Spanish with website www.viajebirmania.com 
ActiveTravel Asia with website www.activetravel.asia 

HIT Indochina Commitments

Legit & reliable tour operator
– we are legit company and believe that law abiding business to local authority is the most stable way to develop our company. HIT Indochina is a full tax company and carrying our taxing responsibilities properly to taxation controlling organization. We have physical addresses that are published on our websites. You do not to make advance notice to pop out because we are always there.
Top Notch Service Quality – Quality is the most important point to get survive in this industry. Our quality is assured by professional, careful staffs and same-minded, expertized suppliers. We guarantee the best services in their ranges for all customers traveling with HIT and ActiveTravel brands.
Best Rates Guaranteed – People often say Quality is equal to Price. We do much than that, you pay less but we try our bests so that you can enjoy more. Our team is always making their every efforts to deliver the best service options in your chosen range.  Moreover, we also add more extra value to our trip with upgrade room, gift voucher, and complementary meals along your tours with HIT and ActiveTravel Asia.
Update…Changing and…Keep Updating – travel industry changes very fast from human, products, services suppliers ect that are required updated all the time. HIT Indochina keeps in mind that updating is the vital way to innovate our services always. HIT Indochina organize inspection trips very often every year to recheck our current products and find out new ones.  

Sustainable and Responsible Travel – Enjoy today and leave our legacy to tomorrow. That is a significant aspect in H.I.T Indochina development, especially when we involve in Adventure Travel. Addition to "Leave No Trace" policy, HIT Indochina also held charity programs to remote ares at least twice a year. We believe that enveloping of the company has never been a separated part of public community.
Go with H.I.T Indochina now to reveal our difference by yourself and spread it to the world.
Meet Our Team
Sales Manager (English)
Sales Manager (English)
Before joining us, Hoang worked as a tour guide for years and traveled to almost famous parts of Vietnam. Interacting directly with tourists, he knows exactly what they expect while getting around an unfamiliar country. Expertise in Vietnam and Cambodia, Hoang can help you arrange long and complicated itineraries even with complex requests. Another field that he is so much confident is cruising trips.
Country Manager (English)
Country Manager (English)
Our rep in Myanmar office, Si Thu has over 10 years working as a tour guide and traveling throughout Myanmar. He is very much dedicated to travel industry and a true explorer. Every year, he travel to at least a new place. Honest, service-oriented and fun guy to travel with and dedicated, hard-working man to work with. We are lucky to have him in our team.
Sales Executive (Spanish - English)
Sales Executive (Spanish - English)
Good singer, beautiful in both inner and outer - that is some words to describe Ly. She is fluent in Spanish and good at English. She has been experienced much with Vietnam destination before switching to Indochina Myanmar tours. Now she is an expert in combined tours to Indochina. If you are looking for a combined Tours and especially you speak Spanish, she will help you best.
Adventure Sales Executive (English)
Adventure Sales Executive (English)
A sweet girl as her nickname - Candy, however Chuyen is a true expert in the toughest routs and programs in Vietnam and Indochina. Her skills and knowledge are best shown up with adventure requests such as mountain climbing, cave trekking, kayaking and more. If you are looking for some real adventure experience in Vietnam, she is the right person to talk right now.
Sales Executive (English - French)
Sales Executive (English - French)
A small girl but having big competence, Ngoc Anh will help you create and customize from simplest to the most difficult tour programs. Her knowledge is not about Vietnam tours but about other destinations around Indochina such as Myanmar, Cambodia ect. She can speak both English and French.
Sales Executive (English)
Sales Executive (English)
Very experience in Vietnam tours, Trang has been worked for reputed tour operator before joining us and she soon proves her ability. As a very careful to tiny things person, Trang can help your tour going perfect till the last minutes in our country.
Adventure Sales Executive (English)
Adventure Sales Executive (English)
Our youngest member but perform an amazing result, Chu Anh is a fresh stream to our company. Her quick learning helps her soon becoming a professional travel expert. Her most advantage is Vietnam adventure tours with active activities.
Operator (French - English)
Operator (French - English)
Thang is a very nice person that you can expect all from a colleague to work with. Besides, his experience of nearly 20 years in travel field, he is a caring one in job and relationship with team members. He can handle with all service types and build close relationships to our service suppliers that ensure best services at lowest prices. His effectiveness is our powerful back-up for confidently delivering special services to our travelers.

Quality Controller
Quality Controller
Yen studied tourism then perused her major with us right after her graduation since 2007. Our websites were contributed by her devoted effort on the way expanding the company. Accompanying with us from the very first stage, she thoroughly understands obstacles that the company had been undergone. That is why she always considers any customer coming to us invaluable and must be treated as VIPs.